Established in the world of Luxury Jewellery, Harvey Store represents a "must" in the watches industry, based in Zurich, Switzerland, and active in over 70 countries around the world with a constant development and expansion.

Helvetic Time AG 

Aktienkapital: CHF 100'000.00

Director: Adrian Vasile Igna


We have  2 Warehouse:

1 in Switzerland for the Swiss Market

1 in Europe for avoid the customer to pay VAT&Taxes ( we have a fiscal representation in Germany VAT NUMBER: DE316071784)

For NON EUROPEAN CUSTOMER ( USA - AUSTRALIA - HONG KONG etc.. ) we can discount the SWISS VAT of : 8%  use the discount code : "VAT8"

Don't use this discount code if you are an European Customer

Not valid for amounts less than € 250.00 the discount code "VAT8"

The company is born as an innovative concept of fusion between antique goldsmith and modern avantgarde, representing a reference center that brings together the best watchmakers worldwide, aiming to constantly renew itself.
It offers a wide range of products in trend, carefully selected to bring not only a guarantee of the service's quality but also, most than everything, a trusted connection with the actual fashion.
Wins the trust of the luxury "ticking" lovers thanks to its professionality and experience in the field, maintains its name strong and alive due to its interest and care for details, becoming so one of the most trusted companies worldwide.
The success also comes from a particular interest of ours of performing in front of a public that includes not only loyal admirers and experts but also new members in this perpetually developing field, showing them stories from a world that keeps fascinating and amazing us.
More than this, Harvey Store is happy to tell its own story and impress by its passion about this field.



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