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Japan's proud advanced technologies and traditional technical skills merge in MR-G. 
Its ability to receive standard time radio waves, GPS satellite signals and Bluetooth transmissions enables it to acquire accurate time information in any location on Earth under virtually any conditions. 
Metal exterior surfaces are finished with a traditional kasumi-tsuchime hammering technique. 
And Japan Blue indigo, a representative color in Japanese traditional craftsmanship, is applied with blue DLC coating. 
The true staying power of traditional beauty is embodied in this 500-piece numbered limited edition model of MR-G, the flagship series in the G-SHOCK line. 

“Japan Blue” Indigo 
The bezel, case back and metal plate are embellished with deep blue COLORING. This shade of traditional Japanese indigo we call “Japan Blue” was developed specially for MR-G. 
The blue COLORING is applied using a DLC coating process. Blue is considered more difficult to reproduce with DLC coating than more commonly applied color tones such as black. 
A highly developed film formation technology is also required to apply COLORING uniformly to surfaces of materials with complex irregularities. 
This is realized for the MRG-G2000HT by precisely adjusting the hardness, thickness, laminated structure and other characteristics of the DLC film. This time-consuming process, which can be conducted for only a limited production quantity, reaches completion with the attainment of a deep, tasteful color. 

–Hammer tone– 
The bezel and center band links are finished with traditional Japanese kasumi-tsuchime hammering. 
A special hammer is used to individualize each indentation. 

Blue DLC 
A blue DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating is applied to the bezel, case back and metal plate at 10 o'clock. 
The difficult-to-reproduce indigo color known as “Japan Blue” is achieved through a laborious process. 

Shock-resistant structure 
This model with its titanium case boasts a tough structure that resists dropping shocks despite its all-metal exterior. 

Multi-layer dial 
The powerful face design conveys an impression of depth. 
Its luminous 3D index is accompanied by multilateral-cut hour and minute hands. 

Super Illuminator 
(High-brightness LED light) 
The dial is illuminated by a high-brightness LED that ensures visibility in the dark. 

Magnetic resistant 
(ISO 764 standard-compliant) 
A magnetic-resistant plate installed in the module prevents stoppage or shifting of the hands due to magnetic forces in everyday use without interfering with radio wave reception. 

Clad Guard Structure 
The crown, buttons and guard parts are integrated to reinforce shock resistance. 
αGEL* is packed into the crown’s head cover, moreover, to mitigate shocks to the crown itself. 

Double-hardening processing 
Deep-hardening processing is applied to form a hardened surface layer on the titanium material, after which the surface is given a DLC coating to reinforce its abrasion resistance. 

Sapphire crystal 
A high-transparency, abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating is installed to ensure clear visibility. 

- Shock-resistant 
- GPS-controlled 
- Radio-controlled (Multi Band 6) 
- Smartphone link functions: Automatic time adjustment, Easy watch setting 
(World Time for over 300 cities, Home Time/World Time switching) 
- Tough Solar 
- Auto Hand Home Position Correction 
- Hybrid Mount Construction 
- Smart Access 
- Dual Dial World Time — 2-city simultaneous time display 
- 1-second stopwatch 
- LED light (Super Illuminator) 
- 20-bar water resistance 
* Approximate battery operating time: 6 months (no exposure to light after a full charge) 
* Bluetooth is a registered trademark or trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. 

  • Brand - CASIO
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